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Puerto Galera Attractions

• Hidden Paradise (Baco)
• Alibatan Island
• Buyayao Island
• Mt. Halcon (Baco)
• Suqui Beach (Suqui, Calapan)
• Banilad Beach (Pili, Pinamalayan)
• Bongol Beach (Bongol, Pinamalayan)
• Tamaraw Falls (Brgy. Villaflor, Puerto Galera)
• La Laguna Beach (Laguna, Puerto Galera)
• Sabang Beach
• Small La Laguna
• Talipanan Beach (Puerto Galera)
• Punta Guarda Beach (Puerto Galera)
• Melco Beach (Roxas)

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Featured Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Galera

Buri Beach Resort
Club Mabuhay La Laguna Resort
El Galleon Beach Resort
Portofino Beach Resort

Buri Beach Resort

Club Mabuhay La Laguna

El Galleon Beach Resort

Portofino Beach Resort

Varadero Cottages Resort
Graywall Resort
Capt'n Gregs Beach Resort
Portofino Beach Resort

Varadero Cottages

Graywall Resort

Capt'n Gregs Resort

Puerto Nirvana Resort

Puerto Galera Beach Resorts Travel Packages

White Beach Agbing Beach Resort, Marco Vincent Resort, White Beach Nipa Hut Resort, Las Villas Del Natividad Bar and Restaurant, Summer Connection Beach Resort, Lodger's Nook, Graywall Resort, Mindorinn Oriental Resort, Orchids Lodge, Lagundian Hills, SummerLand Bar, Apartelle de Francesca, White Coral Garden Resort , M.G. Lodging, Franklyn Beach Resort, Oceana Beach Resort

Sabang Beach Atlantis Beach Resort, Big Apple Dive Resort, Capt'n Gregg's Diving Resort, Sabang Inn Dive Resort, Tropicana Beach Resort, Octopus Divers Resort, Coral Cove Resort, Angelyn's Beach Resort, Red Coral Beach Resort, Garden of Eden Resort, Riseros Dive Resort, Mermaid Resort, Villa Sabang Beach Resort

Buri Beach Buri Beach Resort

Coco Beach Coco Beach Island Resort

Dalaruan Beach Boathouse Puerto Galera (Private Resort)

Small La Laguna El Galleon Beach Resort, Portofino Beach Resort, Club Mabuhay, Portofino Beach Resort, Deep Blue Sea Resort, Mabuhay Dive Resort

Big La Laguna La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre, Scandinavian Divers, Jungle Hill Resort

Encenada Beach New Encenada Beach Resort, Tanawin Bay Resort, Varadero Cottage Puerto Galera (Private Resort) Puerto Nirvana Beach Resort, Blue Crystal Beach Resort

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